Places-of-Interest? Why some of our most favorite places can only be shared by experience. Try these locations out and let us know what you think. Depending on your flavor of lifestyles (hiking, relaxing, adventure) you will find that we cover the wide spectrum of things to do. Find something and try it - you will not be disappointed! We have learned that with some places if you don't try it, you certainly don't know what you would have missed! We can personally attest that we've attempted things far beyond our wildest expectations, and have been fully satisfied every time. Life is too short to sit back and wait for it to begin - give something new a try and be glad you did. Our Places-of-Interest can be some of the best things you've seen while in the Colorado Springs area.

Pikes Peak Barr Trail

The Barr Trail offers a spectacular route up the Peak. It is also the course for the Pikes Peak Ascent and Marathon races each summer, which attract thousands of runners from all over the world. The trail offers the greatest base-to-base summit climb in Colorado, with an altitude gain of over 7,800 feet in 13.8 miles. It is the most difficult regional trail because of the elevation gain and the distance. Take it from this site owner - it is indeed a challenge and one of my top Places-of-Interest. It took me around 8 hours to ascend, and I was part of a group that had a van waiting at the top. By far, one of the most rewarding and exhilarating experiences of my life. Don't be fooled though, you better be physically ready for the challenge and on a day where the weather is going to be good. You do not want to be caught on the trail in bad weather and do not go alone. It will be the experience of a lifetime and one of your Places-of-Interest to remember!


 The Crags

The Crags route to Pikes Peak is not as popular as the Barr trail from the east but since it's shorter, with less elevation gain it's a much easier way to summit this famous mountain. It also offers better views with the Continental divide to the west and it is much less crowded. Shortly after you start from the new trail head you will reach the Four mile creek - turn right and get on trail #664A crossing the bridge. Continue through the forest, gradually gaining elevation and then hike through few switchbacks to get above the tree line. Great views open up to the west. Next 3/4 of a mile is a steep straight climb up to the saddle at 12,750 feet. The following section is an easy walk to the Devils Playground area. Cross the Pikes Peak Highway and continue on the left side of the road. You have about 2 miles until you start the final assault up the large boulder field to the summit. Follow cairns through the maze of rocks and soon you will reach the top. Walk east to the Summit House and enjoy some donuts, and now you can start to call and tell your friends about your Places-of-Interest of your own!

Pikes Peak Highway - BY JEEP, with us!!

I have driven this route and the views are ones to remember. Having climbed and taken the COG Railway as well, I can say that this JEEP trip was unique in that you can stop along the way and take your time going up and down. It is recommended that you have an experienced driver or guide on this highway -you must pay attention along the road as there is no guardrail, and your vehicle must be in top condition. There is a brake check area on the way down to ensure that brakes are not overheated. Using gears is a must. Take it from this owner, you will enjoy the mountain more if someone takes you!

The best part is once you reach the top, you stay as long as you want, and the 300 mile view is well worth the time!

11 Mile State Park and Reservoir.

Located about an hour west of Manitou Springs, the drive there is full of great views of Pikes Peak from all sides, and the visit to the park is just splendid. There are ample trials and places to picnic as you like. One of the most scenic and beautiful rides you will ever experience.

There is a really cool country store, family owned and passed along to the Son. You can purchase local items, fishing gear, and snacks at the store, just before you reach the lake. There are spectacular views of the snow capped front range from all portions of the lake. 

Take some time, do yourself a favor and relax in natures best settings.

Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center