Meet Our Tour Guides

Some of our best times have been while exploring the Colorado high country around the Pikes Peak region! Each guide brings a wealth of experience in their own special way. From climbing Pikes Peak to driving the beauty of the Pikes Peak Highway, to hiking the areas around the Quartz Mines, or exploring the ghostly buildings around Cripple Creek and Victor - we bring it all!! We even have an in-depth knowledge of gemstones and the geology of the region, bringing local expertise and engaging stories of the past as your guide on specific tours. Our guides are fun, careful, joyful, knowledgeable, and most of all, they are great people who LOVE Colorado. Take a look at our touring reviews on Facebook and Trip Advisor and you will see for yourself, then take the ride of a lifetime, wherever it is your choose to go. You can special request a certain guide if you like, and we will do our best to get you seated with that guide. we have made lifetime friends with a number of our guests, and hopefully you will become one too! 

Steve .... One of our most experienced drivers and trail guides.  Steve has been up Pikes Peak in every way, and has the plenty of funny stories to go along with them. A Virginia native, Steve came to Colorado to explore and enjoy the beauty of this great state. From Pikes Peak, to the Quartz Mines, Steve has driven and hiked them all. He knows the off the beaten path places to go, the views to explore, and the places to just reel in the solitude. Steve is an architect by trade, and if you love photography like Steve does, he will get you into places that will simply amaze the senses, and you will leave knowing you have seen the best of Colorado! Best of all, he is a lot of fun!

Sherri....Talk about fun...Sherri will have you laughing from the time you leave your hotel. Sherri, originally from Michigan, is one of our favorite drivers. She is adventurous and loves the outdoors. Pikes Peak is no match for her and once she gets on the road, it is photos galore! Sherri loves Colorado more than most people we know, and she loves to get into the details of her tours. Sherri will select the best places for photos, be it groups or selfies, and she will absolutely make sure you see the best of Colorado. And when the tour is about done, you can bet she will stop by the Wines of Colorado or the Rock House so you can take on sampling of some of Colorado's best vintages or gems. Bring your camera and be ready to hold your side from laughing!

Kaytelyn.....Born and raised in Colorado, and was fortunate enough to grow up right at the base of Pikes Peak! She is an avid fisherman, loves hiking, camping and playing fetch with her dogs. At home, she has a 100+lb Yellow Lab, a Red Heeler mix, two cats, and aquariums. "I've only hiked four 14-ers so far (including Pikes Peak), but I intend to conquer as many as I can". Her favorite quote...."If happiness is a goal- and it should be- then adventures should be a priority." -Richard Branson. When you travel with Kaytelyn, you will travel with a pro - she's also a Pikes Peak Ranger, and knows the mountain well!

Loring.....Loring is an editor, writer, bus driver, and retail gremlin. He lives in Monument with his wife and a very elderly dog and cat. He likes to hike, read, and listen to music of all kinds of genres, and he writes the music review column in the Colorado Springs Independent. You can sometimes find him running the front counter at CJ Kard on Acacia Park. He love people and is just and amazing guide! You will find Loring telling stories and having you laugh along the way - something we all need these days! Try Loring out, and you will see for yourself what a great guy, and guide, he is.

Laraine...Who better to drive Pikes Peak, than a Pikes Peak Ranger! Laraine is a ball of fire and so much fun to be around. She is a local to the Pikes Peak region and probably knows the mountain better than anyone around - she practically lives on it! Once you meet Laraine, you will be totally engaged in her vibrant personality, her charm, and her vast knowledge of Colorado. She's fun, and she will have you laughing the entire trip. "I have taught vocal and instrumental music, both privately and in schools, for over 30 years. I am now a seasonal highway Ranger on Pikes Peak.  My hobbies include card making (rubber stamping), scrapbooking, sewing and outdoor activities.  I also love my two ferrets, Havoc and Mayhem!"  Sweet, kind, and passionate about what she does, you will make Laraine a friend for life, just as we have!

Clint.....(AKA: Fox)... A Colorado Springs native, and a former resident of Buena Vista, CO, Clint was a former Sergeant for the Colorado Department of Corrections, a Police Academy Graduate, and a limo driver - quite the combination! He has driven around some interesting characters in his time, and his stories about his ventures are not only amazing, but more than interesting at that! Clint loves Colorado and his energy, liveliness, and excitement are contagious. He loves fishing and hunting, exploring and teaching.....all combined for a fun time and great adventure! If you are into birds, wildlife, or poetry, Clint will meet the need! A cancer survivor, Clint has a compassion that many don't possess, and his humble personality will keep you a friend forever.  His reviews are you will find out for yourself!

Jerry.......a retired postal worker, Jerry is a local to Manitou Springs and a very knowledgeable of the entire region. Jerry took time to work in Cripple Creek at Bronco Billy's, a fun local casino.  You will find that Jerry has a great sense of humor added to his tours and will keep you on your toes with his stories and laughs. 

Bear......Bear is native born of Colorado and was raised on a farm in the northern part of the state.  He is a veteran of the U.S. Army where he served as a Military Policeman and Drill Sergeant.  Most recently he retired from the U.S. Postal Service in Colorado Springs.  Bear is his real name and is derived from his family history with Daniel Boone and the Cumberland Gap region of Kentucky…YES!  The real Daniel Boone!  He has a terrific background in the Pikes Peak region and knows many stories lending to that history!  He loves photography and will be more than happy to take your picture while you enjoy the sights and sounds of Colorado's High Country!!

Amanda..... originally from California, and a Marine Veteran, will take you to Pikes Peak on any given day and the love of her excursions. Amanda's joy when being outdoors is contagious, and her smile will certainly put one on your face. Amanda is one of our best drivers and guides, and her tour reviews reflect her passion for Colorado and love of people. Watch out, she will get you into a group selfie right from the onset of the tour and you will be delighted all the way to the canyon and back. She is fun, caring, careful, and will have you laughing all the way there and back, regardless of the tour you choose.

Rhonda......a substitute school teacher and native to Colorado, she will teach you all about our region and you will come away with a truly learning experience. One of our newest guides, Rhonda is fun and exciting, and has nothing but 5-Star reviews in her tours - the reason- she's great at what she does! 

Rae.......Originally from Illinois horse country, and now a local to Manitou Springs for the past 20 years, Rae brings a fresh breath of air to every tour. She's fun and relaxed, knows how to set up a group for photo, and just a ton of laughs at every turn. She is highly rated on Trip Advisor and is relentless in setting a standard above all.  Rae has been with us for years and has taken the lead in our fun photography efforts, and just a joy to be around!  When you ride with Rae, you will certainly come back with a smile! She used to work at Cripple Creek in the casinos.....ask her about it!  She loves flowers and wildlife, and is an avid photographer as well! Rae has an adventurous spirit, 5 grandsons, and a black cat named Magic! She regularly volunteers for Project Angel Heart delivering meals to those with life-threatening illnesses. She enjoys hiking, bicycling, camping, farmers markets, Celtic festivals and photography of Colorado's high country. She loves mountain life!