Meet Our Tour Guides

Some of our best times have been while exploring the Colorado high country around the Pikes Peak region! Each guide brings a wealth of experience in their own special way. From climbing Pikes Peak to driving the Pikes Peak Highway, to hiking the areas around the Quartz Mines, or exploring the ghostly buildings around Cripple Creek and Victor - we bring it all. We even have an in-depth knowledge of gemstones and the geology of the region, bringing local expertise and engaging stories of the past as your guide on specific tours. Our guides are fun, careful, joyful, knowledgeable, and most of all, they are great people who love Colorado. Take a look at our touring reviews on Facebook and Trip Advisor and you will see for yourself, then take the ride of a lifetime, wherever it is your choose to go.

Steve ....  One of our most experienced drivers and trail guides.  Steve has been up Pikes Peak in every way, and has the stories to go along with them. A Virginia native, Steve came to Colorado to explore and enjoy the beauty of this great state. From Pikes Peak, to the Quartz Mines, Steve has driven and hiked them all. He knows the off the beaten path places to go, the views to explore, and the places to just reel in the solitude. If you love photography like Steve does, he will get you into places that will simply amaze the senses, and you will leave knowing you have seen the best of Colorado! Best of all, he is a lot of fun!

Sherri....Talk about fun...Sherri will have you laughing from the time you leave your hotel. Sherri, originally from Michigan, is one of our favorite drivers. She is adventurous and loves the outdoors. Pikes Peak is no match for her and once she gets on the road, it is photos galore! Sherri loves Colorado more than most people we know, and she likes to get into the details of her tours. Sherri will select the best places for photos, be it groups or selfies, and she will absolutely make sure you see the best of Colorado. And when the tour is about done, you can bet she will stop by the Wines of Colorado so you can take on sampling of some of Colorado's best vintages. Bring your camera and be ready to hold your side from laughing!

Dave....if you want fun...well then you have to ride with this guy!  Dave is an Army Veteran, superb driver and a member of a local Colorado Springs band called Run With Scissors. Dave has it all and knows the area well, having been in the area for over 2 decades. Dave will entertain you while taking you to amazing heights and into the clouds around Pikes Peak. He is a Husband, Father, a Grandfather, and an amazing individual who loves people and the outdoors. He may even play some rock and roll while ascending the peak! Try him out - you will not be disappointed!!

Ariel....Originally from Ohio, and an Army Veteran, Ariel is just a blast when it comes to being outdoors. She has that adventurous spirit. and not afraid of anything. Hiking in bear country - she will fend them off with her bare hands....just kidding. But, she will take great care of your group. Ariel  has that infectious smile and humor that can't be resisted, and is one of our best tour guides. She will get you to the top of the Peak, or the bottom of the canyon in style, and will keep you laughing all the way. Try Ariel's tours, you will be so glad you did as you take your donut selfie on the peak!!

Debbi…..One of our newest drivers, Debbi relocated from southern California to Colorado Springs seven years ago and has gotten to know the area from numerous photography outings as well as hiking in our beautiful local mountains.   As you can tell from her photo, she is a little bit hippie and a little bit rock-n-roll.  Debbi has been a massage therapist for ten years, but she'd much rather be out taking pictures.  Her eyes light up at the words "Road Trip."  Her love of animals, nature, hiking, travel, and local live music are evident in her photos from her years as a semi-professional photographer.  Don't be shy!  Ask her to take some pictures of you.  Enjoy the scenery AND take home the memories.