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We tour year round, and have been for years! 
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Guide Gratuities are NOT included in our rates. Please consider your Professional Guides too. 

Calling all Turkeys! As a celebration and our way of giving thanks, we are offering all tours at kids rates!  That's right! Call and ride, and be a kid again with us, and at kids prices! Offer good through November.

Winter Tour Times (Oct 1, 2018  to May 24, 2019): 8:00 and 1:00

December Fun is Coming!  Ride with us during the month of December and each person will receive an ELF hat!  Santa will be driving and the Elves will be riding. A lot of fun with a holiday twist!

We regularly pair people up with others in our Jeeps....if you wish to have a Private Jeep for your family or group, just let us know when you call to book. We will price the tour according to your group size and seats required to reserve your vehicle.....very easy to do.  Otherwise, you will have fun meeting new friends on your path to adventure!  :)

August 17, 2018 Trip Advisor 5 Star Rating! "We booked a tour so everyone in the family could take in the sights (instead of one of us driving and getting white knuckled). We decided on a Jeep because sometimes sightseeing on buses is limited (and we were not going to hike or bike) and picked Manitou Springs Adventures, High Country Excursions because of good reviews and the fact that they published driver biographies on their web site. We booked several weeks in advance and the office staff was patient and polite, even when we asked questions that, in hindsight, had obvious answers. They took a credit card number with the reservation but did not charge it until the day of the tour. They sent a text message with instructions about when and where to meet on the day of the tour, including where to park. We arrived on the day of our tour, filled out paperwork and met our guide and driver, Clint. The Jeep was clean and each seat had easy access to water, trail mix and granola bars - and there were more in the trunk. Clint drove us to the top, making several stops (some at our request) to take pictures or admire the views. He pointed out things we should notice and mentioned where he usually saw wildlife so we could keep our eyes peeled. We had about 45 minutes at the top of Pikes Peak and Clint made sure we were comfortable at that elevation. Clint gladly assisted us (and several other people) in taking photographs. The descent was similar to the ascent except we made different stops. The total trip was about 4 hours long. We had a great time and would book again and ask for Clint"

As an added bonus, we are partnering with Vintage Scooter Adventures of Colorado Springs.....take a ride with us, and get a free hour of scooter time with them with the purchase of the basic two hour package. It's a deal of 50% bonus fun! Take advantage of their Grand Opening Spring Special!

Fall touring time is here, so be sure to book your tours early! Please visit our "Contact Us" tab for very important information about individual access to Pikes Peak.

We are touring Pikes Peak daily, as we have always done, and we will get you to the summit as conditions allow.  Looking for reliable, fun, affordable, and on-time transportation to the Pikes Peak summit or other great Colorado locations? Then you have picked the right place! Call us NOW to reserve your seat. We travel the mountain year round, and have been doing so for years. Bring a coat, gloves, and enjoy the ride!

Plan now to be prepared, and go later! Seats for the Fall will fill up fast.

Pikes Peak is open to the Summit on most days, and we travel while the weather allows!. All tours run at 7:00, 11:00 and 3:00 daily starting September 4, 2018.  

Large Groups Welcome!

Guide Gratuities are NOT included in our rates. Please consider your Professional Guides too!

Fall and Winter Bookings

It's time to start reserving your Fall and Winter Vacation tours with us. We are already booking up well into late early Fall and Winter and we highly recommend booking NOW for your vacation stay! We will hold your seat for the tour of choice. Convenient, flexible, and a reliable way to ensure your vacation trip to Colorado stays on track! 

Call well in advance as last Fall we sold out on many days

Important Cancellation Policy

Call to cancel outside 24 hours of tour time - $10 per person charge

Call to Cancel within 24 hours of tour time - NO REFUND

No Cancellation Call or No Show on Tour day - Full Billing Will Occur 

COG Railway is not operating and you need a way to the Pikes Peak summit?  Year Round trips are at 7:00, 11:30, and 4:00, 7 days a week!
Bring the whole family and have a fun time to remember. We drive, you relax/enjoy being together without the hassle of planning or driving!!   We utilize 4 Door Jeep Wrangler Unlimited vehicles for our touring, not modified. That's room for a guide, and 4 passengers, standard for a factory Jeep. Great rides, very comfortable in every way!

5 Star Rating - Trip Advisor "RichardN" March 18, 2018  "While any practiced driver can get to the top in a decent car, the driver is not going to see the views due to watching the road, and watching for other drivers who are busy looking at the scenery and not watching what they are doing. Last time I went up the peak was 40 years ago in a bus. I had a great time except for the hairpin turns near the top. I took my family in March 2018 for their first experience and considered using the cog train, but it was shut down for repairs. Buses no longer use the route. I was left trying to find a company that could provide a comfortable, uneventful drive up and down (my family tends to get motion sickness while driving). I found 2 recommended companies to take on this driving task for me. The other one has open jeeps with a clear, plastic roof. Not sure why clear is needed because if you sit in the same seat both up and down, you will see everything there is to see. Also to consider is that you will be trying to add a layer of clothes while seated and moving as you go up, then you will be removing those layers on the way down. Manitou Springs Adventures has the OEM fiberglass cover with windows. The cab stays at a comfortable temperature and you don't need to add layers while moving. At the various stops up and down the peak, you can remove your seat belt and squirm into another jacket or hat or gloves before opening the doors. Our driver, Rhonda, was courteous and capable, providing decent narratives along the way (try that if you're the one doing your own driving). Would seriously recommend this over the bus (no longer available), the cog train (closed for repairs) and the competition (do you really want to have your face and hands frozen by the time you reach the top?)

5 Star Rating: "We were only in town for a couple of days, so tried to get a last-minute seat on the cog train. Of course they were full, so we booked a trip up Pikes Peak with Manitou Springs Adventures instead--and thank goodness we did! A huge cloud bank settled on the peak the morning we went up, and Steve not only got us around safely despite very limited visibility, but he also made the entire trip entertaining and informative while keeping it conversational--none of that boring memorized "and now on your left you'll see a tree" script stuff here! Instead he answered questions, told stories, and pointed out things most people might miss or not know about...and the company even provides snacks for the trip and plenty of bottled water, plus buys the donuts at the top! We look forward to booking additional adventures any time we come back to town. Thanks for such a fantastic experience!"

We are Southern Colorado’s personalized Jeep Tour and High-Country-Excursion outdoor adventure team. Our Jeep Wranglers are current and modern models, are fully enclosed and very comfortable for year round enjoyment. We are proud to say we have abundant 5 STAR ratings on Trip Advisor! and Facebook! Check them out for yourself!

High-Country-Excursions are here for FUN touring!!! - We are Southern Colorado’s personalized Jeep Tours and Excursion adventure team. We are excited to say that we are one of the Colorado Springs Gazette's "Best Of" Winners for 2017, "Day Trips". We have also just been awarded one of the "Best Adventure Company" by the Colorado Springs Independent Newspaper. As Manitou Springs locally owned and operated small business Jeep Tours and Excursion company, we offer a unique experience for guided activities in the Rocky Mountains region close to Colorado Springs and Pikes Peak areas.  Coming here for a Summer vacation or just planning a break to see the Colorado Rocky Mountains? Here for fun and adventure? Then call us and we will take you into the high country to experience it all first hand and up close. Personal, fun, memorable, and most of all, affordable! Our goal is to be the best of the best....so try us out and see for yourself! We promise you won't be disappointed!

Our Year Round High-Country-Excursions with our enclosed Jeep Tours and Excursions are truly unique because:

  1. Our customers from all over the country/world love them. Please see our Ratings and Posts on Trip Advisor and Facebook.
  2. We focus on High-Country-Excursions and Jeep Tours in the Pikes Peak region, and travel place that will spike your senses. 
  3. We can also tailor your High-Country-Excursions and Jeep Tours based on your interests, expectations and physical abilities. Let us know when you want to go!!
  4. We can accommodate groups of all sizes on most tours. Larger groups can be easily accommodated easily upon advance request. We can also set up your local itinerary if you need help - it's on us to advise!
  5. High-Country-Excursions and Jeep Tours are open YEAR ROUND - just leave the driving to us! Jeep Tours and Excursions are guided by local outdoor experts.

Facts About Us

Experiencing the Colorado outdoors is always a fun and active way to re-energize a person’s mind, as well as a great physical experience. The Rocky Mountains close to Pikes Peak and Manitou Springs and are the perfect platform for easy access to a wide variety of terrain and natural scenery to suite anybody's needs. Every one of our personal adventures invites you to enjoy and use nature's wonders but at the same time respect, admire, and learn from it.

We have had more than our fair share of enjoying the Rockies. Over time, we have built extensive knowledge of physical exercise, altitude, trails, parks, and natural attractions, but we too are also active participants of local races, running trails, and mountain climbing. We want to share our experiences with you, taking away memories that will be shared for years to come. High-Country-Excursions, today and every day! Best of all, we have a great time, laugh and play all the way!

All tours, images, profiles and content of this site are protected by Copy Right and Trademark of Manitou Springs Adventures, LLC. Any use or representation of this content without express written authority of Manitou Springs Adventures, LLC is strictly prohibited.

Important Information

  1. We encourage you to reserve your trip as early as possible to ensure availability. A major Credit Card is required at the time of the reservation. All excursion prices include taxes and entry fees. To cancel a reservation, please contact us no later than 24 hours before the departure time/date of your trip. Please see Cancellation Policy above on our Page. 
  2. Weather in the Rockies can be unpredictable so bring some extra clothes with you. "Layering" is the best method of clothing for activities in the mountains. We also recommend bringing/wearing hiking shoes (or sneakers with good ankle support), sunglasses, sunscreen, hat/cap, windbreaker, light gloves, camera, and small backpack for personal belongings. Please consider that the temperature difference between the Town of Manitou Springs and the trail locations could be as much as 10-15 degrees cooler. The Pikes Peak SUMMIT can be as much as 35-45 degrees cooler than town, and in the Fall, Winter and Spring months the road may not be open all the way to the Summit. We check road conditions each morning to ensure safety and convenient scheduling. Conditions do change frequently, and we follow the directions of the Pikes Peak Rangers at all times. 
  3. Proper hydration is essential for performing activities at high altitude. Even though water is provided, you may want to bring an extra bottle. Some people encounter headaches due to the elevation changes. Aspirin is helpful in such case. In any case, we will monitor everyone along the way.
  4. Manitou-Springs-Adventures may cancel any activity at any time due to adverse weather conditions or other factors that consider the safety of our guests. Safety is our a priority!
  5. Our tours are selected to be relaxing and enjoyable, enabling people of all ages to enjoy the natural beauty of the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Manitou-Springs-Adventures sets the difficulty of your adventure based on the information you provide on your arrival and when you reserve your adventure by phone or email. Weather, trail conditions, and other factors impacting your safety can also lead to adventure changes or cancellations. We check the local weather conditions frequently and will adjust routes accordingly.
  6. Due to state permits and restrictions, we do not operate in Denver or north of El Paso County. Our rates are state regulated/approved as well.
  7. Guide Gratuities are NOT included in our rates. Please consider your guides too!

Pikes Peak Highway / Summit Excursion 

Duration: 3.5 hours; Cost: $80 (Adults), $70 (Children under 12), $70 (Seniors/Military); Available 7 days a week. Large Groups Welcome!

We are your personal guide to America's Mountain -  we buy the donuts too on days when we can reach the summit! Water, protein bars, and trail mix always provided along the way! Limited summit access on some late Spring days, mainly due to high winds or occasional snowfall - we go as high as the as the rangers allow....but the views are still astounding! We call frequently to check during each day. The COG train is not running, and we are a great choice to see America's Mountain!

Daily Scheduled treks up Pikes Peak at 7:00, 11:30 and 4:00 each day. Last minute plans or COG Railway plans ruined? - no worries at all, just call us and we will fit you in as best possible! Warm, clean, and enclosed Jeep Wranglers for your comfort, plus snacks and water - all you can eat and drink! And, we will provide an added surprise or two for keepsakes of your trip!! And, NO SHUTTLE required when you travel with us! 

Take a casual ride with us up to the summit of America’s Mountain, Pikes Peak. On the way to the 14,115 foot high summit, we will stop along the way at the various lakes and overlooks, check out the visitor center at Crystal Lake and Bigfoot, and wind along a road that will leave you speechless. Once at the top, the view will be an astounding 200-300 miles in every direction on a clear day, taking in 5 states from one vantage point. We will enjoy a casual time at the summit,  and the high altitude donuts are a treat that we will provide.....photos are a must! This trip is weather dependent in late Fall and Winter months, determined each day, as weather situations arise. 

Call or text: 303.204.4950 or 719.761.4100 or email us at highcountry80132@gmail.com
We can accommodate large groups, just ask us!

Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center Excursion

Duration: 4 Hours; Cost: $75 (Adults) $65 (Children under 12) $65 (Seniors/Military); Includes Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center Admission. Check for availability Tuesdays through Sundays. The Center is closed on Mondays. General Wolf Tours available 9:00, 11:00, 1:00 and 3:00 P.M. in the Summer. Excursions leave ONE HOUR PRIOR TO WOLF TOUR TIME, or the time indicated on this tour.

This trip will travel through scenic parks and areas around the region and through downtown Manitou Springs in route to the Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center in Divide, Colorado. Ample opportunity for photos is available along the way. We may even sneak in some shopping in Manitou or a taste of Colorado Wines along the Ute Pass, if you have the time.

The Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center is one of very few sanctuaries in the United States which has been certified by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA). This allows them to go beyond education and into application. CWWC actively participates in the Species Survival Program by providing a home to Mexican Grey Wolves and Swift Foxes. They also practice conservation in the sanctuary’s daily life by using environmentally friendly ink, biodegradable trash bags, participating in recycling programs, and “adopting” Twin Rocks Road to keep it trash free.

It is the Mission of the Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center to: Educate the public through tours and programs about the importance of Wolves, Coyotes, and Foxes to Our eco-system; educate the public about the importance of Preservation and Conservation of the forests, land, and water that supports wildlife, flora, and fauna for future generations to enjoy; and provide natural habitats and exceptional lives for the animals entrusted to our care since they cannot live in the wild.

Then, relax as we venture back to your hotel or point of origin. This is a trip you will always remember for years to come! Water and snacks provided along the way!

Manitou Springs Adventures will make a donation to the Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center on each trip in support of the great work done by the center. Your participation provides vital support to a wonderful organization.

Call or text: 303.204.4950 or 719.761.4100 or email us at highcountry80132@gmail.com 
We can accommodate groups, just ask us!

Quartz Mine Excursion (Closed for the Season)

Duration: 4.0 Hours; Cost: $75 (Adults), $65 (Children under 12), $65 (Senior/Military); Available 7 days a week! Available 7 days a week, leaving at 8:00 and 1:00 Daily.

A billion years ago a bubble of magma rose under an area 50 miles in diameter. The magma never reached the surface, but created Pikes Peak and the landscape 50 miles to the NNW of the Peak. This batholith pushed Pikes Peak to over 14,000 feet exposing a mass of pink granite that underlies the entire region and is visible in many spots. We will take you to such a spot, and you can search for yourself. It is an adventure you will remember for the fun, and for the beauty that awaits!

Call or text: 303.204.4950 or 719.761.4100 or email us at highcountry80132@gmail.com  
We can accommodate groups, just ask us!

Cripple Creek and Victor Historic Mining Tours

Duration: 4 Hours; Cost: $75 (Adults), $65 (Children under 12), $65 (Senior/Military); 2 great tours to choose from - Available 7 days a week! Spring Tours leave at 8:00 and 1:00 daily.

Cripple Creek played an integral role in the rich heritage of Colorado. The first homesteaders arrived here in the mid-1800s. In 1890, a ranch hand named Bob Womack discovered gold and Cripple Creek changed forever. By 1900, more than 50,000 people called the gold camp home. When the golden era ended in 1918, more than $300 million in gold had been mined in what would be the last great gold rush in North America. By the 1920s, only about 40 mines remained, but two decades later, in the 1940s, the town began to promote itself as a tourist destination, offering visitors a glimpse into the past. In 1991, the town was opened to limited-stakes gaming. Today, the venerable gold camp has reinvented itself as a full-service tourist destination, all the while preserving and showcasing its rich history. 

NEW - Add on a fun 40 minute Train Ride for only $15 at the Cripple Creek Narrow Gauge Railway. (Subject to Availability)

This is a ride, walk, and shopping too adventure - you pick as you go!

Call or text: 303.204.4950 or 719.761.4100 or email us at highcountry80132@gmail.com   
We can accommodate groups of up to 12 persons per trip. Larger Groups Welcome!

Waiver and Release of Liability forms/signatures required for all passengers on all tours.