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Please visit our "Contact Us" tab for very important information regarding Summer access to the Pikes Peak Summit!

Fall Tour Times (Sep 4, 2018 to Sep 30, 2018): 7:00, 11:00, and 3:00

Winter Tour Times (Oct 1, 2018  to May 24, 2019): 8:00 and 1:00

We regularly pair people up with others in our Jeeps....if you wish to have a Private Jeep for your family or group, just let us know when you call to book. We will price the tour according to your group size and seats required to reserve your vehicle.....very easy to do.  Otherwise, you will have fun meeting new friends on your path to adventure!  :)

We have been daily round-trip touring Pikes Peak and our other locations continually for years! We travel 3 times daily, except Winter months,  and year-round, and offer personalized services, and unique keepsake momentos of your day with us. Reserve your adventure with us, and we would be honored to take you. 


Completed your Jeep Tour?  Well, how about a scooter ride through Garden of the Gods....Go to www.vintagescooteradventures.com  and check out the deals!

Trip Advisor 5 Star Rating...August 17, 2018  "We booked a tour so everyone in the family could take in the sights (instead of one of us driving and getting white knuckled). We decided on a Jeep because sometimes sightseeing on buses is limited (and we were not going to hike or bike) and picked Manitou Springs Adventures, High Country Excursions because of good reviews and the fact that they published driver biographies on their web site. We booked several weeks in advance and the office staff was patient and polite, even when we asked questions that, in hindsight, had obvious answers. They took a credit card number with the reservation but did not charge it until the day of the tour. They sent a text message with instructions about when and where to meet on the day of the tour, including where to park. We arrived on the day of our tour, filled out paperwork and met our guide and driver, Clint. The Jeep was clean and each seat had easy access to water, trail mix and granola bars - and there were more in the trunk. Clint drove us to the top, making several stops (some at our request) to take pictures or admire the views. He pointed out things we should notice and mentioned where he usually saw wildlife so we could keep our eyes peeled. We had about 45 minutes at the top of Pikes Peak and Clint made sure we were comfortable at that elevation. Clint gladly assisted us (and several other people) in taking photographs. The descent was similar to the ascent except we made different stops. The total trip was about 4 hours long. We had a great time and would book again and ask for Clint"

Trip Advisor 5 Star Rating...August 14, 2018 "This is the best way to see Pikes Peak. Just sit back and enjoy. Stops are made along the way for viewing and pictures. Some time is spent at the top to enjoy the most beautiful view that I have ever seen. Cog railroad is closed and towards the top they are closing road for awhile so if you drove you would have to park there and ride a bus to top. Their jeeps are allowed to drive to top. Fun trip, well worth the cost!"

Trip Advisor 5 Star Rating...August 28, 2018 " We started our tour with Rae and a purple jeep. We had an awesome time with her. We started the trip in the house filling out papers, eating donuts and drinking coffee. When we got in the jeep there was water and trail mix in our seat. She was very friendly and professional and kept encouraging us to drink lots of water. She made frequent stops for pictures or to use the restroom. She knew lots about Pikes Peak and the ride up and down the mountain. Because we are not in the best physical shape, she helped us up and down little inclines. Always ready to take a picture of us with our camera or hers. She gave us lots of little extras like donuts, a certificate to the Top of Pikes Peak and a wooden nickel. Don't give it a second thought about driving yourself to the summit. Go up there with this company and you won't be disappointed!"

Trip Advisor 5 Star Rating...August 29, 2018 "Had an awe inspiring ride up to Pikes Peak with our driver and guide, Rae, who was a great driver, allowing us to sit back, relax and enjoy the beautiful vistas. Rae was knowledgeable of the area, pointing out special views and areas of interest. My husband and I were joined on the trip by our 16 year old grandson, and Rae provided us with wonderful photos of our grandson and our trip. The only perfect way to see Pikes Peak is in a jeep with a driver and guide like Rae!"

Trip Advisor 5 Star Rating....August 30, 2018 "I'd been to Pike's Peak before, but never like this. Our driver, Loring Wirbel, kept us informed of current and past events, the natural environment & the changes at tree levels, even showing and describing the Fast & Furious route up the mountain from a great overview. i would recommend the trip to any one that has the least interest in the beautiful outdoors, nature and amusing company. Charles & Carol"

 Summer Vacation time is rapidly approaching, be sure to book your tours early! With NO COG Railway this year, our tours are in high demand - please call us and book early so we can ensure you a seat directly to the summit or any of our other touring locations. 

We are excited to say that we are one of the Colorado Springs Gazette's "Best Of" Winners for 2017, "Day Trips". We have also just been awarded one of the "Best Adventure Company" by the Colorado Springs Independent Newspaper.

We are touring multiple times daily and we will get you to the summit or any other of our locations.  Looking for reliable, fun, affordable, and on-time transportation to the Pikes Peak summit? Then you have picked the right place! Call us NOW to reserve your seat, they are booking fast with Fall tourism in full swing. We travel the mountain year round. Bring a light coat, gloves, and enjoy the ride!

We keep our 4 Door Jeep Wranglers covered and comfortable so you will be DRY & WARM, and relaxed, on your summit tour. Your guide, and 4 passengers, and larger groups just use more Jeeps! We will get you to the summit in Jeep style! We often have room for last minute bookings....and we do our very best to fit you in!

Daily tours all year round, and last minute reservations always welcome! We will work hard to get you on your tour, even with the last minute bookings whenever possible.

(Guide Gratuities are NOT included in our rates. Please consider your Professional Guides too!)

Driving Yourself Around vs Jeep Sightseeing Adventure?

 If you decide to drive yourself - you will NOT see the views while driving, you don't know the places to stop for the best views, or where parking is at a premium, and you will probably overheat your brakes on the way down the Peak. Plus, starting Memorial Day Weekend 2018, individuals do not have direct access to the summit and will have to use a shuttle once on the mountain. We drive directly up with full summit access!

Please See Some Recent August 2018 Trip Advisor Reviews.....

"My wife and I celebrated our 40th anniversary by returning to the top of Pikes Peak, which we did on our honeymoon. Renee was a fantastic guide - personable and knowledgeable about everything Colorado. Had a great time."

"Renee was an awesome driver and guide. She knows a lot about the mountain and it was so nice to be able to look at the view and not have to worry about driving. You have to take a shuttle to the top so it is nice to be able to go up the mountain directly. (You drive partway and then take a shuttle due to the construction at the top and little parking, but the keeps go the whole way) This is a top notch operation. It is certainly possible to drive yourself but it is great not to have to do it. Also she found sheep and marmuts that we probably would have missed."

"Very thankful we made the decision to take the tour rather then drive it! It was well worth the money! Our guide, Bear was fabulous. He was a lot of fun, felt very safe with him and very knowledgeable! He stopped for us to take pics, made sure we were hydrated and had plenty of snacks. Had we driven it ourselves, we would not have been able to enjoy the view and we would not have been prepared for the altitude change. If you spend money on one tour this is the one to do! Thanks Bear for a great experience! The Lenz Family"

"Our trip to Pike's Peak was a great trip! The sights were awesome. Rhonda, our driver, was a wealth of information. She was very accommodating, even to the point of recommending backgrounds for pictures and taking pictures of our group. I highly recommend the trip to Pike's Peak, Manitou Springs Adventures, and Rhonda as a tour guide."

Compare.....We offer longer summit trip times, ample water and snacks, free donuts (on us) at the Pikes Peak summit, and two very unique mementos to commemorate your trip to Colorado...and we have kept our rates very affordable for families and for those on vacation budgets. Military, Senior and Children discounts are given at the time of booking. We are as much as $29 per person less than other local options! Good times, great prices, and fun guides too!

Been to Pikes Peak??....NOW, take the Cripple Creek Historic tour.... a scenic Jeep ride into history.  

We are booking tours daily and we highly recommend reserving now. Your online booking will be confirmed by a personal phone call. We will hold your seat for the tour of choice. Convenient, and a reliable way to ensure your vacation trip to Colorado stays on track!

 All Summer tours at 7:00, 11:30, and 4:00 Daily

Fall Tour Times (Sep 4, 2018 to Sep 30, 2018): 7:00, 11:00, and 3:00

Winter Tour Times (Oct 1, 2018  to May 24, 2019): 8:00 and 1:00

Daily Tours
Call us and we will get you to Pikes Peak, Cripple Creek and Victor, Quartz Mining, and the Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center! Great views and fun, and we go daily! The scenery is just gorgeous!

Check out our Excursions Tabs for all the fun and details!
(Click the High Country Excursions Tab to the left for full information on each tour!)

Some General Comments.....

1. FUN!!!!! The guides love what they do and this makes for a very fun no stress day.
2. No stress. They do the driving you do the observing. It is their vehicles not yours.
3. Educational. The guides are very knowledgeable. Not just in points of interest, but in the history/science of the area.
4. Kid friendly. The guides are fantastic with my children, and was very attentive to their needs, questions, and interest.
5. Adequate time. They do not rush you thru the experience. We made several stops along the way and once on top had more then enough time to look around. More then "others".
We will be recommending you guys to everyone who is headed that way.

                                                                            Fun all the way up and down Pikes Peak, and  we buy the donuts too! Water, protein bars, and trail mix provided along the way on ALL tours!! We run 3 times daily in the Summer months, 7 days a week throughout the year....so call us and relax!

Manitou-Springs-Adventures offers 5 different and exciting tours. Call us for details on each! Our Jeep Tours and Excursions will take you deep into the Colorado High Country!  Groups always welcome!

Jeep Excursions....Pikes Peak Highway Summit and Cripple Creek for the Summer Season! We travel YEAR ROUND! Book this or other tours like the Colorado Wolf Center and Wildlife Center and Quartz Mining today!!

or more information and bookings call or text us, 7 days a week til 9 PM Mountain Time at:  303.204.4950  or  719.761.4100

Our Manitou-Springs-Adventures Excursions and JEEP Tours is designed to enhance your destination getaway and guide you through some of the most enjoyable and rewarding experiences of your life in historic Manitou Springs, Colorado Springs and the entire Pikes Peak region.  Our Jeep Tours and Excursions are in some of Colorado's most beautiful and fascinating places. Sit back and enjoy the ride and we will guide you through amazing landscapes!

EASY TO BOOK: Either online with the push of a button, or simply call us. If you book online, fill out your information, we will call you back promptly with personal service to confirm your time and destination. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call and we will provide all the details you need to help you decide on which excursion to take!

HIGH COUNTRY EXCURSIONS Jeep tours will give you the experience of a lifetime, one that you will remember for years to come! Check out the High Country Excursions Tab and see where you can go - RELAX - and leave the driving to us! We come to you, if needed, and bring you back to your home or hotel- no worries! You will have your own personal guide for fabulous tours into the Colorado high country in our state of the art Jeep Wranglers. Drinks and snacks provided and a treat or two for the kids along the way!!

Manitou-Springs-Adventures will take you to popular scenic or historic places with our Jeep Excursions.  All sites are on public land and usually well traveled daily. Throughout Colorado Springs and the regions, Colorado state parks offer well kept picnic areashiking trails, and wonderful views of the Rockies, seeing Pikes Peak from about every vantage point.

We will take you by Jeep to Pikes Peak to enjoy the spectacular scenery without having to watch the road - leave that to us!
Relax and enjoy the ride!

Browse Manitou-Springs-Adventures and let the fun begin. ´╗┐Contact us if you need help deciding what to do, we can bring ideas to you. See our "Contact Us" tab and please feel free to call.